Increase Revenue and Boost Sales Team Productivity

Cloud Extend for Salesforce automates repetitive actions to increase revenue and boost sales productivity. Quickly design and deploy wizards to replicate successful sales patterns, streamline repetitive actions and eliminate redundant tasks for every member of the sales team.
Vice President of Sales
Generate more revenue from cross-sells and up-sells. More
Sales Manager
Capture key metrics and improve accuracy of sales reports. More
Salesforce Administrator
Automate routine tasks and increase adoption. More
Sales Operations Manager
Ensure best practices and increase efficiency. More

Use Cases

Meeting Follow-up

How many times after successful calls have you forgotten to jot down notes, or add new contacts and create follow-up reminders because it requires tedious data entry? Cloud Extend for Salesforce makes your life easier by automating the meeting follow-up process and ensures that tasks, notes, contacts and opportunities are automatically created, making your life easier and you more productive.

Meeting Preparation

Failure to adequately prepare for a meeting is a sure fire way to ruin relationships and jeopardize future sales. Cloud Extend for Salesforce can vastly improve your meeting preparation process by automating contact invitations, highlighting outstanding customer issues and selecting appropriate marketing materials. Being well prepared for a Sales meeting ensures that you can make the most efficient use of your time.

Telesales Prospecting

Is your telesales process inefficient because you rely on hard-copies of call scripts, outdated training manuals and hand written notes? Cloud Extend for Salesforce simplifies and automates the telesales process by providing wizards that interactively guide reps through their calls. The wizards automate routine tasks, such as sending "thank you" emails and updating lead statuses, while simultaneously guiding reps through a series of pre-defined question and answer prompts. The wizards greatly reduce training time and costs, maximize efficiency, increase the number of calls that can be made and ensure process consistency.

Opportunity Qualification and Progression

How often have sales managers reviewed the opportunity pipeline only to discover that it's inaccurate because leads were converted too soon or they didn't contain all of the relevant information? Cloud Extend for Salesforce improves the lead conversion and opportunity qualification process by guiding sales reps through the most effective path. You can have confidence that your pipeline report will be more accurate since all data was captured correctly, and the leads met your criteria for conversion.

Account Planning

Cloud Extend for Salesforce helps sales reps maximize account potential by engaging customers with the right offer at the right time. For example, sales reps can be prompted to offer prospects a discount if they are a repeat customer. The sales reps still make the decisions, but are shown a reminder to ensure that the offer wasn't forgotten.

Customer Success Story

See how PSA Insurance & Financial Services uses Cloud Extend for Salesforce to increase efficiency and percentage of closed sales. More