6 mins
Watch this video for a great overview of the benefits offered by Cloud Extend.

Download “just the facts” about Cloud Extend for Salesforce in this handy primer.

39 mins
Hear how PSA Insurance & Financial Services uses Cloud Extend for Salesforce to ensure their sales reps apply best practices and replicate sales patterns, increasing their efficiency and percentage of closed sales.

8 mins
Learn about the benefits that Cloud Extend for Salesforce offers for sales managers and sales operations…firsthand from a salesperson - Eric Egertson, Active Endpoints VP of Business Development and Strategic Accounts.

29 mins
Learn about the concept of guidance trees, which form the foundation of Cloud Extend for Salesforce. Guidance trees offer a way for the non-technical user to easily develop a sales guide that executes inside Salesforce. See a live demo in this talk, presented by Active Endpoints CTO Dr. Michael Rowley at SPLASH 2011.

15 mins
Justin Hoffman, Director of Marketing for PSA Insurance & Financial Services, explains how his team uses Cloud Extend for Salesforce to increase Salesforce adoption, boosting productivity and efficiency for sales.

23 mins
This video compares and contrasts the ease of use and applicability of Cloud Extend for Salesforce vs. Salesforce Visual Workflow.

1 mins
This short video demonstrates the meeting wizard running on an iPhone.

Just plug your own numbers into these fully customizable worksheets and immediately calculate potential ROI for Cloud Extend projects.

6 mins
As the business world becomes increasingly more mobile, employees will require not only better access to their enterprise applications, but also easier ways to interact with and update those applications and complete business processes. Active Endpoints' CEO Mark Taber sits down with TMCnet's Group Editorial Director, Eric Linask, to explain why this is so challenging with today’s apps and how to easily automate many of those processes.

Nucleus Research has found that mobile access to CRM increases sales force productivity by 14.6% (Nucleus Research m13 – Market Focus Report - The Value of Mobile and Social for CRM, March 2012). In this research note, read why Nucleus believes that Cloud Extend Mobile users are more likely to include data or insights that would never have made it into the CRM system of record otherwise, accelerating adoption and effective data entry while improving sales, marketing, and customer service performance in straightforward ways and at a relatively low cost.

Use Cases

5 mins
In this short video Eric Egertson, Active Endpoints VP of Business Development and Strategic Accounts, explains how to make your life easier by automating the meeting follow-up process. See how notes, contacts and opportunities are automatically created, and how to assign follow-on tasks to other members of your sales team.

8 mins
Failure to adequately prepare for a meeting is a sure fire way to ruin relationships and jeopardize future sales. Cloud Extend for Salesforce can vastly improve your meeting preparation process by automating contact invitations, highlighting outstanding customer issues and selecting appropriate marketing materials. Being well prepared for a Sales meeting ensures that you can make the most efficient use of your time.

4 mins
In this video Dr. Michael Rowley, Active Endpoints CTO, highlights how you can use Cloud Extend for Salesforce to automate call scripting and telesales. Michael will show the completed wizard and how easy it is to create a sales wizard from scratch.

3 mins
In this video Eric Egertson demonstrates how to use a Cloud Extend for Salesforce wizard to move opportunities through the sales cycle more quickly and efficiently, thereby closing more business in a shorter time.

2 mins
Cloud Extend for Salesforce also works with Service Cloud too and in this video Eric Egertson highlights how you can use a wizard to create support cases. He also shows how you a customer support agent can use a wizard to diagnose and resolve customer issues.

5 mins
In this demonstration Eric Eggertson will show how your sales people can use Cloud Extend for Salesforce to quickly and accurately capture and qualify new leads.

6 mins
In this video you can see how easy it is to use the Cloud Extend for Salesforce Designer to modify the wizard to match a new business requirement.