Increase Effectiveness with Improved Accuracy and Reliable Data

Cloud Extend for Salesforce guides your Salesforce users through marketing activities to improve effectiveness and ensure data accuracy. Quickly design and deploy wizards to streamline marketing processes for every member of the marketing team.
Vice President of Marketing
Capture critical data, improve lead quality and scoring. More
Marketing Manager
Automate manual, mundane and repetitive tasks to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activities.More

Use Cases

Lead Capture and Qualification

How often have you examined lead records, only to discover that data is inaccurate or missing, whether the lead was captured over the phone or live at a tradeshow? Without key information, the lead becomes useless for marketing. Cloud Extend for Salesforce provides wizards for sales to ensure data is collected accurately and consistently, providing better qualified leads for the marketing pipeline.

Modifying the Lead Capture and Qualification Wizard

In this video you can see how easy it is to use the Cloud Extend for Salesforce Designer to modify the wizard to match a new business requirement.

Ensuring Consistent Messaging

We often find that sales reps create their own spin on marketing messages in other words, best practices are not followed, leading to inconsistent messaging from your company. In Cloud Extend for Salesforce, wizards guide reps through prospect interactions, ensuring messaging consistency that keeps "everyone singing from the same hymn sheet."

Customer Success Story

Watch this video and see how you can use Cloud Extend for Salesforce to capture and qualify trade show leads. More