Cloud Extend Mobile

Fundamentally changing the way business people use smartphones to perform daily work with enterprise cloud applications, Cloud Extend Mobile enables voice-to-text and touchscreen input with end-user customization. Given their limited ability to work with mobile devices, smartphone users often wait to do "real work" until they have access to their desktop computers. Now, the customizable, voice- and touch-enabled Cloud Extend Mobile provides a powerful, easy-to-use tool for updating information, scheduling next steps and doing other daily tasks, all completed through wizards.

In just a few minutes and a couple of clicks in a patent pending WYSIWYG designer, users can create a mobile wizard to guide them through any Salesforce application task. For instance, a sales person can create a wizard to walk through a meeting follow-up process to document notes, and automatically send email and schedule follow-up tasks, or customer service managers can track cases to assure they are processed consistently and to solve as many on the first call as possible.

No More Waiting

Users can now perform their daily tasks, such as updating information and scheduling next steps while on the go, on their favorite mobile device.

Take Salesforce Customizations on the Road

Wizards built to streamline and simplify sales and customer support tasks can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

No Coding or IT Support Needed

Sales and field support teams can create mobile-optimized interfaces for qualifying leads or identifying cross-selling opportunities.

Key Features

  • Supports virtually any mobile device or tablet: iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry
  • Leverages voice-to-text and touch screen input
  • Launch wizards from contact vCards, calendar entries or mobile emails

Try the New Mobile Features

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"Nucleus's survey found that mobile access to CRM increases sales force productivity by 14.6%, with nearly a third citing a productivity increase of more than 20%."
Nucleus Research Inc.