Increase Call Throughput and Reduce Time-to-Resolution

Cloud Extend for Salesforce automates many tasks that your Salesforce users currently have to complete manually. As a result, Cloud Extend increases call throughput and reduces time-to-resolution. Quickly design and deploy wizards to standardize support procedures, streamline repetitive actions and implement best practices for issue resolution for every member of the customer support team.
Salesforce Service Cloud Administrator
Guide agents to use successful troubleshooting procedures. More
Call Center Manager
Accelerate agent productivity and reduce training time. More
Vice President of Customer Service
Increase call center efficiency and reduce time-to-resolution. More

Use Cases

Initiating a New Support Case

Are your customers being forced to wait on the phone because it takes too long for your agents to collect all of the information needed to open new cases? Are waiting times also increased because agents forget to collect all of the required information? In Cloud Extend for Salesforce, wizards guide agents collect the right data at the right time, so that support calls can be accurately and efficiently processed downstream.

Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Does it take too long to train an agent to walk through the troubleshooting steps to solve common problems or resolve issues? Or do your agents "invent" their own troubleshooting processes, with a few agents efficiently resolving issues while other agents never benefit from known best practices? Cloud Extend for Salesforce wizards guide your agents to consistently use proven troubleshooting and resolution patterns that are proven to work for your product and services, establishing a faster time-to-resolution.

Initiating Cases from Salesforce Portals

Would you like to have your customers be able to perform self-service activities, such as opening a new case, but you are concerned that if you let your customers access Salesforce via a portal, your customers won't know what to do and get lost? Or worse, perform inappropriate actions that will cause work on your end to unravel. You can design Cloud Extend wizards that run in Salesforce portals, guiding your customers to complete common self-service activities, thereby reducing the number of actions that your staff needs to perform for the customer request.

Account Updates

Do common tasks, like updating an address or phone number, place an unexpected burden on your call center agents and increase call-times? Wizards that are created with Cloud Extend for Salesforce automate routine account activities to streamline the customer service experience, increasing the ability to handle more calls or support cases.

Customer Success Story

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